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VPN — Virtual Private Networking

VPN (Virtual Private Networking), by establishing a secure tunnel connection between your PC and ISCTE's network, allows you to work from anywhere as if you were physically connected to a network plug in one of ISCTE's rooms.

This means not only that you have access to all your stuff in ISCTE, such as your documents in the file server, but also that you will be able to gain access to the full content of several publications and databases, namelly those whose access depends on possessing an authorized IP address: your PC will be seen from the outside as one of ISCTE's computers.

We suggest you to try the b-on publication search engine. Please refer to the library for further information.

For help in configuring the ISCTE-IUL VPN see the VPN's manuals for Windows and Mac OSX operating systems that can be found in the following page.


Manuais de configuração da rede wireless

Fénix – Manuais de apoio

Conheça todos os materiais de apoio ao sistema Fénix.

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